Women In Leadership

Do you feel you’re being overlooked or unrecognized at work?

Women have long believed that as long as they work hard and are knowledgeable in their field they will be automatically recognized for their great work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Self-promotion, especially for women, can be an uncomfortable topic. We can help you advocate on your own behalf without feeling, or even appearing, to be selfish, self-centered, or any of those other negative descriptions that start with “self”.

Are you constantly concerned about how you’re being perceived?

Unfortunately, a double standard (and double bind) does exist. If you’re too aggressive, you run the risk of being labelled “bossy”, or worse, a “bitch”. If you’re too accommodating, then you could be labelled as a doormat and not get the respect you deserve. LEADMARK can provide you with the influence tactics to successfully navigate tricky political waters.

Is self-doubt holding you back from accomplishing things that, deep down, you know you’re capable of?

It’s far too common a scenario: you’ve prepared well for a meeting, a question is asked, and you hesitate to formulate the perfect answer… only to have a colleague pipe up with an opinion that was clearly not well-informed. You end up kicking yourself for not providing the quality contribution you know you were capable of. We can help you develop your confidence to authentically showcase your competence.

Are you not getting the level of compensation you know you deserve?

Despite huge economic gains in the last half century, the pay gap persists. Women in Canada make an average of .87 per every dollar a man makes.¹ LEADMARK will help you to establish your true value and develop the skills to effectively negotiate a raise, and do so with confidence.

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¹(StatsCan on gender pay gap: Women earn 87¢ to men’s $1, Solomon Israel, 2017)

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