Lynn possesses that rare ability to quickly and succinctly recognize the underlying issues that need to be addressed. In my opinion, Lynn stands out among the many people that I have worked with during my many years as a manager, management consultant and coach as someone who is motivated by excellence for herself and those she works with.

Ray Jacobsen MPA, CEC, CAE, CFE

Jacobsen Consulting Group Inc.

I’ve had the privilege to be coached by Dana. She has a no-nonsense pragmatic style and is astute at quickly getting to ‘the meat of the matter’; in any given coaching session. She treads softly when required but doesn’t linger there. She can have a razor sharp edginess when she notices an opportunity that might help move her client forward, and she won’t hesitate to hold your feet to the fire, nor will she let you off the hook until you confirm that an action plan is in place and that you have the resources to follow through. I have recommended her to others I care about because Dana is a coach that can get you results.


Lynn is a woman with a passion for helping others to be their best. Through Lynn’s coaching, unique insight and inspiration, I have refined my leadership skills and my ability to navigate complex work issues. When I felt unsure, she used her skills to get me to strategically analyze the issues that needed to be tackled. She kept me focused and accountable. She knows exactly when to nurture and when to use tough love!

She has made a profound difference in my approach as a leader. She nurtured my ability to see where I was in the present moment and where I needed to go, which allowed me to turn my vision into reality. I can never thank Lynn enough for providing unwavering support, creating the space for ongoing introspection, and getting me to listen to my instincts and intuition.

Pierrette Poliquin

School Principal/Consultant in Education

Lynn Fuller was a management colleague and a valuable member of the Building Code Services branch management team at the City of Ottawa. Among her many responsibilities, Lynn was responsible to initiate and lead branch-wide strategic projects within a very operationally focused and male-dominated organization. Lynn’s out of the box and progressive thinking helped our branch solve operational issues in the most efficient way possible. Lynn effectively challenged management colleagues to reassess the status quo, which often meant using her substantial communication and influence skills where her approach was always clear, logical and effective. Lynn has a calm and logical method of communicating that truly connected and inspired me. Thank you, Lynn.

Matt Graham CET, CBCO

Deputy Chief Building Official (retired), City of Ottawa