Employee Turnover

Are people complaining about the new boss or grumbling about co-workers? Are employees leaving your department, (or worse!) leaving the organization altogether?

People don’t quite their jobs; they quit their bosses.

If people in your organization are quitting their bosses, the costs are high both in terms of time, money, and morale. In fact, it costs an organization between 1.5 and 2 times the amount of an employee’s salary to replace him/her.¹ That means that if you have a company of 200 employees with an average salary of $50K/year and a 15% turnover rate, you are losing $750K a year in turnover costs.

Ultimately, leadership success has less to do with technical competence and more to do with people skills. LEADMARK can help your leaders increase employee engagement and decrease employee turnover. 

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¹(Employee Retention Now a Big Issue: Why the Tide has Turned, Josh Bersin, 2013)


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