Employee Engagement

Ever get the feeling that some of your employees, or even some of your managers, are just punching the clock? Do they sometimes struggle to get their teams to give their best effort? Do you have managers or employees in leadership positions who are not able to achieve results through their teams?

Even if you think that your organization does not have an employee engagement problem, statistics would indicate otherwise. “Gallup found that 87 per cent of workers worldwide and 84 per cent in Canada are either not engaged or actively disengaged.”¹ 

Companies with low engagement scores earn an operating income 32.7 per cent lower than companies with more engaged employees. To make matters worse, a disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary.² On the upside, engaged companies grow profits as much as 3 times faster than their competitors.

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¹(The Enormous Cost of Unhappy Employees, Ariana Ayu) That disengagement will cost you… big time.

²(Show Me the Money: The ROI of Employee Engagement, Reese Haydon)

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